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Hi! I am a children’s yoga and mindfulness teacher. Since 2010 I have been teaching in various schools, after-school programs, and summer camps. I LOVE what I do and have a true passion for bringing unique, fun, and inspired ways of integrating the body and mind into children’s lives.

Sarah Waxman

My teaching is inspired by my own story and journey toward spiritual, mental, and physical health. I have seen and experienced the benefits of living a more centered, balanced, and healthy lifestyle and am passionate about changing the face of education in an effort to teach children, especially in schools, the importance of routines and tools to help them become stronger, more thoughtful, inspired, empathetic, and self empowered.

My personal journey, although always continuing and forming, is shaped by two important experiences. The first experience was in high school as I walked into my annual physical to one of the biggest wake up calls of my life. I was both dangerously overweight and chronically sick. Sitting in that chair I knew that if I continued my unhealthy lifestyle I was sacrificing my life and opportunity to live fully. It became clear that I was the person who got me to that state, and I was the only person who could save me. Thus the beginning of the “be sweet to yourself journey.”

Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness became clearer paths and passions of mine in college when I was playing Division I lacrosse at the University of Pennsylvania. The endless hours in the training room, and disappointment I felt in my game, lead me to the front door of the yoga studio on campus. It was love at first forward fold! Over time, I realized I was gaining much more than a body stretch from my practice. A clearer mind, courage, lessons in facing my fears, and a willingness to accept whatever was in front of me all became part of my lacrosse training program. Yoga became a crucial component to my lacrosse career and helped me become a 1st Team All-American and NCAA Division I National Goal-Keeper of the Year two consecutive years.

These experiences brought me to my mat and lead me towards a life of deep respect for the continuation of my personal practice and offered inspiration to share it with children. Although, these experiences are uniquely my own, they are not so different from others. Everybody has their story, and is the only one who can truly learn to give yourself the supportive practices that you need.


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