Mindfulness In Schools

What Mindfulness Means | Testimonials from Students

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way:
on purpose,
in the present moment,
and nonjudgmentally.
—Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness is just the ability to pay attention, to notice your present moment and current thoughts. After time, a practitioner of Mindfulness is able to acknowledge where his or her mind is and without judgment, and to create space in order to respond, not react.

What Mindfulness Means

In school, we spend a lot of time teaching our students different skill sets our future leaders will need. But do we spend time teaching our children how to most effectively pay attention and work their minds to stay on task? Do we give them tools to notice their thoughts, and respond to them before acting upon emotions? Athletes spend hours training and lifting weights to prepare for optimal competition; Mindfulness practice is like weight training for the mind.

Teaching our students skills and tools in order to tune into their internal compass is invaluable. A Mindfulness practice can bring more self awareness to students—allowing them to stay on task, tune into their emotions, create space for impulse control, and most importantly, learn how to get ready to learn.

I have trained with Mindful Schools and the Mindfulness in Schools Project. Both these organizations have designed an in school program that can be integrated into K-12 classrooms to introduce Mindfulness into the school day. If you are interested in having a Mindfulness class at your school or for your sports team, email me at info@sarahwaxman.com.

Testimonials from Teachers and Students

“We are so thankful that Sarah Waxman brought Mindfulness to our school. Each day, as I drop in to classrooms, eat lunch with the children, or simply walk through the halls, I am bound to hear some “mindfulness” language. Throughout our school, teachers and students refer to “taking a mindful moment” or “making a mindful transition” as a way to infuse calm and purpose into our busy days. The students and teachers so appreciate this gift that she has given us.”

– Laurel Blackmon, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Sheridan School

“Sarah taught mindfulness with my eighth graders, and she had an awesome rapport with the students. Our work with her laid the groundwork for me to do mindfulness work with my class. I now infuse mindful moments into my classes when needed, which has helped the students focus more and be more present. On a personal level, her work has made me more present and relaxed in the classroom, which I know has greatly benefited my students.”

-8th grade teacher, Sheridan School

Being in yoga with Miss Sarah makes me feel relaxed.  I feel like I am strong in my heart. She taught me a lot.

- Jack, Age 8, 3rd Grade, River School

Yoga with Miss Sarah makes me feel loose, relaxed and confident. I am learning how to change myself into a clear mind when I feel like I am in a mud or sparkle mind. Miss Sarah taught me I can do that.

- Emma, Age 8, 3rd Grade, River School

It makes me feel calm. It makes me feel strong. It makes me feel like I am powerful. It makes me feel happy.

- Evan, Age 8, 3rd Grade, River School

I like how calm and relaxed it makes me feel. It makes me feel smart and it makes me feel peaceful. When I am doing yoga with Miss Sarah I feel strong and happy.

- William, Age 9, 3rd Grade, River School

It makes me feel relaxed, calm and peaceful.

- Ella, Age 8, 3rd Grade, River School

I like how Miss Sarah teaches poses and stretches.  It makes me feel peaceful. I like the music that Miss Sarah uses.

- Will, Age 9, 3rd Grade, River School

Yoga has changed my students. Miss Sarah is patient, kind and empowers the children to be the best they can be and to be change agents in our world. They have learned that peace and kindness begins with them. She has taught me a lot as a teacher and has given me strategies that I implement daily in my classroom. It has made our classroom a more successful, happy place.  I see a difference in their ability to learn and the way they treat one another.

- Marie, Third Grade Teacher, River School

Sarah Waxman is amazing!  Her connection with the children, coupled with her knowledge of the mind, body spirit, creates an opportunity to reach every child in her reach.  Bringing yoga to our children has had a tremendous effect on their self-awareness, self-perception, and self-esteem.  There isn’t another elective class that has had that great of impact as yoga has had on our children.

- Melissa Meck, 2nd Grade Teacher, River School

Sarah has an incredible way of connecting to children.  During each Yoga class, Sarah translates her calm and centered energy to the children, teaching them them how to connect their minds, bodies and hearts.    Over the school year, she has given them invaluable tools to help them self-regulate their emotions and develop important social emotional competencies.  Most importantly, the kids love going to Yoga with Ms. Sarah and look forward to it week after week!  She is a kind, warm, patient teacher and anyone would be lucky to have her as a teacher.

- Tiffany Petrillo, Kindergarten Teacher, River School