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Yoga practice helps kids eat Veggies!

I just received this awesome email in my inbox last night. I teach Joey (PK) and Jack (3rd grade) yoga at their school. I also teach their mother (Meredith) during our staff class after school. This is how your family dinner could go if you inspire and empower your children to remember to breath! “¬†Thought [...]

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Best Letter Ever!

Last week I finished teaching a 16-class Mindfulness Course to a 2nd grade classroom. On my last day working with them I was given a stack of insanely cute and awesome letters. Imagine a world where every student was learning to be in control of themselves!

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Kale Chips – stupidly easy to make!

What you need: Kale (organic is cleaner, but no need. Your body, your choices) Olive oil Sea salt When it comes to food, Kale is just about as healthy as you can go. Loaded with Vitamins A, C, and K and minerals magnesium, calcium, and iron. Feeling healthy and strong yet? I am not done. Kale [...]

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